Saturday, December 05, 2009

You Know your a Canuck When...


You know it's Southern Alberta when....

It looks like this one day.....

From 2009_12 Christmas
and this the next.
From 2009_12 Misc. Pictures
From 2009_12 Misc. Pictures
Honestly, I walk out of school at 12:30 and it's just starting to snow and by noon the next day, I feel like I've dug myself out of the next ice age. Only thing missing were the mammoths. I did see some Neanderthals riding Skidoo's in front of the house. Take that Victoria!

No really, you West Coasters have gotten soft. I don't think you could take a real LOMAH winter now. There's something Canadian about shoveling snow, wearing Sorrels and drinking maple syrup like coffee. Well at least I'm 2 out of 3.

Just to emphasize my point, here's Logan taking on Old Man Winter.
From 2009_12 Misc. Pictures
From 2009_12 Misc. Pictures
From 2009_12 Misc. Pictures

UPDATE: Honestly... I thought I would have gotten more comments in defence from all you out West. Guess not eh?


Whatever. We totally had that much snow in Vancouver last year. And the city pretty much shut down like Calgary did. We're still as hard as ice out here, not soft like warmed Brie cheese (mmmmm, gooey cheese...). Except...well, check my next post and you'll see pictures of use sitting on a patio tonight...