LOMAH - Land of Milk and Honey

Just living life here in the Promised Land, Southern Alberta. Where the Mountains meet the prairie in a stunning sunset, surrounded in fields of gold

Kayking - S Bend

An old picture, surfing the S Bend on the Red Deer River with Denali keeping a watchful eye. It was a perfect day, surrounded by perfect friends.

Family in Waterton

A summer hike with the family and Grandparents. It was a typical Waterton day with some wind and sun. Logan hiked the whole way in to Bertha Falls

Loves of my Life

The first two loves of my life together in one picture. I remember when they came into my life, making me whole.

Me in the Broken Group

I think this is my favourite picture from last year. We did a sea kayaking trip to the Broken Group and had 4 glorious days of sun. It was a capped off with the company of great friends.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New year to everyone out there! LOMAH misses each and every one of you!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas time.

Well Christmas has come and gone. It seems that the holiday season didn't up my postings but had an opposite affect. In an effort to finish strong, I'm hoping to throw in a few postings to finish the year. Here are a few pictures from this years Christmas.

From 2009_12 Christmas

From 2009_12 Christmas

From 2009_12 Christmas

From 2009_12 Christmas

From 2009_12 Christmas

From 2009_12 Christmas

From 2009_12 Christmas

Saturday, December 05, 2009

You Know your a Canuck When...


You know it's Southern Alberta when....

It looks like this one day.....
From 2009_12 Christmas
and this the next.
From 2009_12 Misc. Pictures
From 2009_12 Misc. Pictures
Honestly, I walk out of school at 12:30 and it's just starting to snow and by noon the next day, I feel like I've dug myself out of the next ice age. Only thing missing were the mammoths. I did see some Neanderthals riding Skidoo's in front of the house. Take that Victoria!

No really, you West Coasters have gotten soft. I don't think you could take a real LOMAH winter now. There's something Canadian about shoveling snow, wearing Sorrels and drinking maple syrup like coffee. Well at least I'm 2 out of 3.

Just to emphasize my point, here's Logan taking on Old Man Winter.
From 2009_12 Misc. Pictures
From 2009_12 Misc. Pictures
From 2009_12 Misc. Pictures

UPDATE: Honestly... I thought I would have gotten more comments in defence from all you out West. Guess not eh?

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cat Facts

Thought I would pass this one along too, courtesy of The Oatmeal

I guess I do like Oatmeal

Not sure how I came across this but it was both outrageous and funny. I saw the picture and thought of you Liminal Me.

Not that you would put a cat in the toilet, but you know cats... your a cat person so I thought of you. I think mostly because you're always posting cat stuff or maybe because you kinda "cat called" me out. Regardless enjoy the cartoon.
One bit of warning, the comics on this site "The Oatmeal" can be both graphic and filled with coarse language.

You've been warned.

P.S. Liminal Me.. guess I'm still in the game sis!

Monday, November 30, 2009

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish...

Well the "November Run" has come to an end with this last posting. In a flurry of postings I managed to squeeze in 14 postings this month. A new record! I looked back over the past 4 years and my previous best was 12. 4 years!

It's funny how something snowballs into something more than what it began as. I started this to share Logan's birth and now it's sort of become a forum for dialog with a few friends and my primary way of sharing our changing life with everyone. Man has life changed over these past 4 years! 2 kids, a Masters degree, a growing group of friends (we're just reproducing.... don't worry I haven't expanded my circle of friends) who have had weddings, kids and significant moves in just 4 years.

I miss my friends who are now scattered all over this globe, from the orient to the coast. Wherever you are, we're holding down the fort here in LOMAH so feel free to come back home anytime.

Thanks to Liminal Me and Adventures on the West Coast for playing along with me this month. See you in December.

Victoria trip video

It took me awhile to get this done, but here it is. I also need to mention that this is the edited version. The unedited video has "the man" in it, but I figured he wouldn't want to be on a youtube video. He probably isn't reading my blog, so he wouldn't know, but regardless I kept him out. If you want to see the discussion from "Poker Night" you will have to email me to get access.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Grey Cup Sunday

I must first state the following disclaimer

"I am not a sports fan".

Having said that, I do enjoy the Grey Cup. Not so much because of the actual game, but because of the event Dora's family makes of it. We get together, eat food, place bets and hang out. This year was an above average year with the "Green Team" playing. To our dismay, the results didn't pan out. The roast beef and pumpkin pie however, did not let us down.

From 2009_11 Grey Cup

From 2009_11 Grey Cup

From 2009_11 Grey Cup

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I'm in "go mode" as I try to get a few more posting in before the end of the month... this one is of Logan singing spiderman.

I love this one.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The value of backing up...

As you can guess from my posting, I forgot to backup. Yup.. gone. Luckly, I do back things up and I keep my school files on a portable drive as well as my laptop. It's just my pictures that I don't backup as regularly as I should. One thing that saved my skin was Picasa.
Recently they decreased the cost for online storage to 5bucks for 20Gb, so I decided to spend the coin. Personally, I don't think the cost is outrageous and it provides a second level of backup, being off-site. I was lucky that I could download most of my missing pictures.

I love my pictures and would hate to lose them in some catastrophic accident like the raining of fire and brimstone on Lethbridge... or a tragic deep frying incident.

So, word to you mom. Backup.

Judokan Update

As promised, here are the phone pictures that Dora took. I placed them in a collage as the quality of my phone isn't that great.

From 2009_11 Judo

New Judokan

I knew this day would come, yet I never realized how fun it would be. On Wednesday, I took Logan out to Judo and he decided that he wanted to but a Gi on. Well... not only did he put the Gi on, but he did some warm up exercises, did the bow in at the beginning of class and pulled a wicked Kesa-gatame on his old man. We didn't expect he to get dressed, so the only pictures are on Dora's cell phone. I'll need to pull them off later and post them. In the mean time here are some preview pics!

From Judo

From Judo

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Funny how things change... for the 5 years we've been in this house, we had a grand total of 2 strings of those new LED Christmas lights. This year I think we expanded it by about 300%.

We now have 4 more strings of lights, with me needing to buy one more set for our sad cedar in the corner. I've always had a disliking towards the LED lights as they don't remind me of my early years and Christmas. This year, they have these newer ones that are larger and have a softer glow. Perhaps energy conservation and Christmas can go together!

From 2009_12 Christmas

Oh yeah... one month to go!

Monday, November 23, 2009


I feel like I should quickly comment about the joys of parenting. It's not all bad, just work. In many ways, this "kid" project is a masterpiece, a testament of my value and worth. It's easy to complain about the hard days, but picture does the best job of demonstrating the good ones.

From 2009_11 Misc Pictures

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Halloween pics

My friends on the west coast inspired me with their Halloween posting. This was the first year that Logan as old enough to run door to door and go trick or treating so it was an exciting year for us. Dora found this awesome homemade pumpkin costume on kijiji for cheap and we unleashed the mad terror on Coalhurst (with adult supervision of course).

From 2009_10 Halloween

We also got into the spirit and carved a few pumpkins as well. Considering I can't remember the last time I actually carved a pumpkin, I think I did pretty good. Originally, Dora was suppose to carve one, but due to her ability to provide for Evan.... I did the work.

From 2009_10 Halloween

From 2009_10 Halloween

While our endeavors were admirable, the neighbors might have outdone us... especially if your a Canucks fan. This one's for Eric.

From 2009_10 Halloween

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Birthday Party

We recently headed West, to Waterton, for a birthday party. Funny how here in Lethbridge it isn't winter yet but in the mountains there are signs of the approaching season. We were treated to a day with only a hint of a breeze and a town site full of snow and deer. If you can survive the family birthday video there is some footage of two bucks squaring off.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Montana Camels... and I don't mean the Cigarettes

Well with a bit of luck and some help from the grandparents, we scooted across the border for some R&R and shopping in Whitefish, Montana. The cousin has a cabin there and we managed to borrow it for a few nights. I took an extra day off work and presto! A long weekend.

Things were awesome, weather was questionable at times but good times were had. Here are a few pictures from the trip.
From 2009_11 Whitefish Trip

From 2009_11 Whitefish Trip

From 2009_11 Whitefish Trip

From 2009_11 Whitefish Trip

Oh Camel...right. By odd stroke of luck I came across this odd site. Who knew?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

First out...

Well the challenge has been thrown down and I'm the first out the gate.. Unless someone is typing faster than me right now.

Things back here in LOMAH are moving slowly forward as we creep up on Christmas, 5 weeks I think. Logan and Evan are doing great and Dora is surviving, which is the best we can hope for right now. With un-routinely awakenings every night still, she is 6 parts zombie, 3 parts mom and 1 part crazy.

Here is the source....
Hard to believe this could inflict such chaos on Dora!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Now you see I was planning on being industrious... full of good intentions and all. Guess that was all I was full of considering I haven't posted for over a month. I'm hoping November will change things I'm calling out you West coast Bloggers!! I challenge you all to a blog off! Most posts/Best posts. Winner...TBA

Game on.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Evan in HD

I've picked up a new camera and it shoots video in HD. Here's a little clip of Evan who is getting pretty big these days. You might need to go to youtube to see it in HD.

It's a Canon IXUS 960is, a point and shoot with 12 megapixels and 720p video. I saw some clips on the Internet that showed it's video and was pretty impressed. We'll see how my video editing compares. Oh yeah, done on a Mac.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Big Day

Yup, it's been a big day. Got the basement inspected (passed all three!). So now that is all done but for the trim in the bathroom. But we wouldn't want to be completely done...otherwise I might find something else for Marko to do!

This afternoon I elicited a laugh from Evan - the first real laugh. Don't believe what Marjie tells you, this was a REAL laugh. Marko got to hear it over the phone, so I have a witness other than Wonderboy who will agree to whatever you say and then do what he wants anyway. I love this age.

And lastly, as the agreeable boy and I were playing with cars, blocks and lego in the freshly inspected toy room I happened upon a petrified, though slightly moldy banana chunk. Yup, like I said, big day.

Monday, September 14, 2009

new layout

Can't help myself... sometimes I just start on something by accident and here it is. Liked being able to modify the banner with my own pictures. Figure I'll update it every couple of months.


Saturday, September 12, 2009


Man has it been awhile since my last post...., other than the posting about Mr. Senda. Guess things have been busy. Oh yeah, Evan! Seems like this second month has taken it's toll and as the Summer came to an end we were busy getting the last bit of summer in. I think I'll update the rest of our summer in this post.


We managed to head back out to Saskatchewan to see Dora's family. Her uncle/aunt and grandmother are still out in Kyle and the family cabin is there too. It was pretty fun for me this year as I spent a great deal of time golfing.... boy to I love golfing!
From 2009_08 Kyle Trip

I'm kidding of course. But in it's defense, golfing at the cabin is so cheap it might as well be free. Also watching Logan run around and golf is great fun to watch. I thought I'd post a couple of videos so you can watch the chaos yourself.

In addition to the golfing we spent a bunch of time on the beach making castles, breaking castles and driving trucks. Logan is SO FUN!

I must finish by saying that the week at the cabin was even better due to the company... I'm not just buttering up the in-laws so that they'll keep taking Evan (although I appreciate it!). It's always more enjoyable to be on holidays we people you like.
From 2009_08 Kyle Trip


Thursday, September 10, 2009

End of an Era

I've been informed of some sad news today. Mr. Senda has passed away as of September 9th in the evening. You will all know him as being the face of Judo in Alberta. You can read more here.

It is hard to imagine the Lethbridge Judo Club without him. I as well as many more will miss him.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Rice Krispie Chaos

These should be squares but due to the help of a ginch wearing boy, they did not become squares. Thus we call them Chaos Chunks.

From 2009_07 Misc Pictures

From 2009_07 Misc Pictures

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Yup Evan is still around and doing great. We're in Saskatchewan at the family cabin so here are a few pictures from last week. Here he is with his first bottle.

From 2009_07 Misc Pictures

From 2009_07 Misc Pictures

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Arts & Crafts

Some of you might remember Mod Podge, as it's been around the block a few times. Diedre made Dora a piggy bank years ago using it and I decided Logan needed one.
From 2009_07 Misc Pictures

With a few Lego catalogs and misc. magazines we got to work. He was quite the helper and here is our finished work.
From 2009_07 Misc Pictures

From 2009_07 Misc Pictures

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Fool's Gold?

Is this gold? Is this some treasure that surfaced from the shelves of Sally Ann? Recently I went to drop off some junk and spring cleaning to the Salvation Army and I did the token walk around to see if I could find any "treasures". By chance I came across an old waffle iron that was an exact match for the one that Dora's parents have. This thing is super sweet, making delicate delights we call waffles. There is something about this waffle iron that surpasses all others. Behold the glory, our gold!

From 2009_07 Misc Pictures

From 2009_07 Misc Pictures

Friday, July 31, 2009

Past the tipping point

We've made the symbolic one month and are 5 weeks strong. We've even ventured out to the LOMAH classic of Waterton. While Dora stayed in town, I ventured up Bears Hump with some visiting relatives and Logan. After a few hops and a crash I carried Logan the rest of the way. While Waterton should not be a petting zoo, the squirrels didn't seem to get the memo. The fat, well fed squirrels.

From 2009_07 Waterton Hike

From 2009_07 Waterton Hike

From 2009_07 Waterton Hike

From 2009_07 Waterton Hike

Sunday, July 26, 2009

One month and the survival of the clan

Well it is official. We made a month with all family members intact. At times it has felt a lot like Raiders of the Lost Ark. You know... where Indy is carefully weighing out the sand to escape with the golden idol. Like Indy, we were often unsuccessful. With flying fecal matter as we duck and cover, tiptoeing past cribs where angels and demons lie and making leaps of faith hoping we might see the light of day once more. Yes these are the joys of child rearing and I Am a Parent!

On a more optimistic note, Evan is gaining weight, at a rate of about a pound a week, we've finished the downstairs bathroom (sans trim) and I built a bench on our deck this week.

The bathroom is AWESOME!! We tiled the shower awhile ago and grouted last week. This week we installed the door. While pricey at 700 bucks it does look great and it complements the decadence I call "Aquatic Symphony". We've installed two shower heads which can be considered over the top or thrifty depending on your point of view. Considering we can fit the whole family in this shower it's really 3 showers for the price of 2! I'll believe this if you will.
From 2009_07 bathroom

The deck bench was a 1/2 day project that added a nice element to the back yard. Logan uses it as a table, chair and launching point for airborne assaults. Really, only 1 band-aid so far! Also you can see our pot-o-carrots too.
From 2009_07 bathroom

To finish this posting, I'll add a few pictures of Evan since he is the newest addition to the family.
From 2009_07 Evan 1st Month

From 2009_07 Evan 1st Month

From 2009_07 Evan 1st Month

From 2009_07 Evan 1st Month