LOMAH - Land of Milk and Honey

Just living life here in the Promised Land, Southern Alberta. Where the Mountains meet the prairie in a stunning sunset, surrounded in fields of gold

Kayking - S Bend

An old picture, surfing the S Bend on the Red Deer River with Denali keeping a watchful eye. It was a perfect day, surrounded by perfect friends.

Family in Waterton

A summer hike with the family and Grandparents. It was a typical Waterton day with some wind and sun. Logan hiked the whole way in to Bertha Falls

Loves of my Life

The first two loves of my life together in one picture. I remember when they came into my life, making me whole.

Me in the Broken Group

I think this is my favourite picture from last year. We did a sea kayaking trip to the Broken Group and had 4 glorious days of sun. It was a capped off with the company of great friends.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Monkey see... Monkey do

So a funny thing happened the other day....Yup the three bro's got together for a little bike trip. No wife's, no kid's, no adult responsibility. Just three not so bright men with little regard for consequences, bodily aging and the effects of alcohol. Three brothers who use lines like "hold my beer and watch this" regularly. I'm surprized they let us out of their sights!
As you can see from the two time lapse photos, middle bro is getting the bigger air while the old bro is lucky not to crash. Oh don't worry... I do crash and yes... It leaves a mark. But hey what I lack in skill I make up for in shear disregards for the ravages of time. Meaning I still don't act my age. luckily little bro is no smarter, so I have someone who still thinks my ideas are good ideas "Oh yeah... I think you can make that. Easy!"
Even though we all got a few battle wounds from our bike trip, I must say that it truly was a blast. I expect that we'll be back out next year for a few trips instead of just one. I've already been negotiating with Dora on a new bike for next year.
On that note, if anyone can help me with that it would be greatly appreciated. I lack.... good negotiating skills at times. Jumping up and down and screaming "why not?" several times just doesn't seem to be cutting it.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

August - Full on Fun!

Well I had to get in at least one post for August. I figure the best place to start is the August long weekend. We took the "boy" camping, our first outing since Chris and Anne's wedding. We were a bit more remote, in Kananaskis Park, but we still had a few comforts from home; the high chair and dog.
Actually, we also had my brothers trailer. It was one of those comforts that we got use to on our last trip. It did however look a bit different by the end of our trip this time around.
I can honestly say that I don't think it was anything we did... No REALLY!! Regardless, your looking at the beginning of a $600 tow and a $600+ repair. There goes the drinking fund! My brother was gracious to say he didn't want any money, but we kicked in a few bucks to ease the pain.

Speaking of brothers, we managed to get out climbing on the weekend. My other brother came along with his family for a bit of climbing. Check out what a cute family they make, you can't even tell how dysfunctional they are!
Awe, who am I kidding, we're all a bit messed up. Neat, orderly, between the lines... what fun is that?!
We managed to squeeze in a few special climbing moments on the trip. Hailey did her first climb outdoors and didn't cry that much. Dora did a lead climb and didn't cry that much either. It was the first time in ... actually I don't even know when the last time Dora did a lead climb. Guess you'd need to ask her.
Dora was climb pretty good for the first time out on rock in maybe two years? Pregnant last year, so at least a few years. But from the pictures, you can't even tell and a picture tells it all!
To finish off the day we hiked back out. Bro and Hailey took the scenic route back, through the creek. Then of course Hailey fell in the water, the wife got upset, and bro was truly up the creek!

Well, to finish off, I'll have the kids sign off with the parting shots.