Saturday, October 01, 2011

Week One Done

Friday is here and the first week is finished.  Amazed doesn't do justice to how we are feeling.  After months of preliminary work getting done, we have seen development at a pace that far exceeds our expectations.

Yesterday I was driving by and thought I would take a look at the site again.  Colour me surprized to see trucks on site.  In fact, as I approached the site I noticed forms.  Concrete forms for walls.  There were 4 guys hard at work forming up what will become our basement walls.  After a quick chat, I'm informed that they are planning to pour Friday at 10AM.

I our course came by today after school around 1:30 and saw no one on site.  Wondering if they actually poured I drove by for a closer look.  Sure enough, the concrete was poured!

This has been a week with daily surprizes and excitement.  I'm not sure if they can keep up the pace next week considering they will have to let that concrete cure before they can move forward.  Or at least that's what I think.  Guess we'll find out!