Monday, February 05, 2007

My Mistress

No really I do have one. Her name is Silvia and she is sooooooooo sweet! The fact is she's our mistress as Dora could not live without her. She's a product of Rancilio and she makes our life better in so many ways.
I've had a few friends ask how we get her to perform so well and I thought I would give you all a little demo.

Here's her instructions
1. Danesi Bean.(classic or gold)
2. Solis Grinder, basically a Starbucks Barista grinder (with its finest grind)
3. Distilled water (prevents build-up by hard water), although some claim that it affects the taste. Mix in some tap water to fix this problem

See the Magic....


Beauty! I've really got to get myself a Sylvia one of these days. Of course, then I'll have to invite you guys over for a tutorial.
That's a great little video, marko!