Tuesday, November 06, 2007

2 for 2!

I can't believe it! I actually made it out to Waterton for two weekends in a row. Athough one could argue that the level of activity is not up to my usual standards, I must say that if your feeling old and weak, then this is actually not so bad!
We grabbed the baby carrier and did Lineham falls. It's a nice 8km hike round trip that has a nice gradual incline for the first half. Nice if your not carrying 20 plus pounds of kid on your back. It's not that I can't lug the load, it's just that I feel like Rocky after a few rounds with Apollo Creed. I can do it, I just don't look so good.

It was a pretty nice hike and Dora and her mom were along for moral support. "You can do it!" they would chant as I slogged my way to the falls. There was some neat slide activity over the winter or spring as evident from the picture.

In spite of my endless whining, I got my second wind just in time to let Logan out the walk the last 10 seconds. I think I'm ready for another hike!
Oh wait I did go for another hike! My good buddy king daddy corn stalk came back to LOMAH for a visit and wanted to go for a hike.
We debated the choices of boundary bay and Rowe lakes. Flat one. Not that it wasn't a difficult hike as it was around 12km which is no walk in the park, more like a walk around the lake. It was a great time and I enjoyed the discussions about; gear, watches, more gear, the merits of old man muscles and our dislike of bears. Which of course was even more interesting when the dog got spooked and my bear spray accidentally leaked. Luckily it was minor and no tears! I will say that it does taste spicy!Nothing like a bit of adventure to finish a hike. I'll leave you with this closing shot and if you look closely you can see the gear! Mammut pants from Switzerland, somewhere rugged I suspect.


Yay Waterton! You guys are so rugged. And so fortunate that the park is nearby. You live in a beautiful part of the world.

Ya yes, the slow hike. Its funny how you can still get so excited about hiking even when you know you are going soooo slow. I am always excited when my kids can complete a 4 k hike on there own. Its so nice having Waterton that close. Are you guys going to get the ski pull hook up for the charriot? I think we are going to let Frank try skiing this yr.
Its nice you see you guys out and about. Logan is so lucky to have great parents!