Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Broken Group (1 of 3)

Well 9 days later I am back in LOMAH, after a 5 day paddling trip in the Broken group in BC. The trip was awesome and I will do my best to tell the tale and provide insight if you ever plan a trip yourself.

First I cheap. No wait.... thrifty! Instead of flying into Victoria, I found a cheap flight to Vancouver for $185 including the taxes! To add to my...... thriftiness, I decided to take public transit to Victoria rather than pay to take the bus, Pacific Coach line at $85 return. So instead I did as follows:

1. Take the 424 bus to the airport bay station (5-10 min)
2. Get on the 620 to Tsawwassen (5min wait, 40min ride)
3. Hope the ferry to Swartz Bay, Victoria

Easy enough right? Well for someone not use to taking public transit, it was a bit unnerving. I managed alright (it's that transfer stuff that always gets me), found a spot for my luggage and sat down. It was a 40min ride so I thought I would start some small talk with the lady next to me (seemed of similar age). Funny thing. A bit of talking and I found out she's doing a PhD in Environmental education and is in town for a conference. We chat a bit as I am interested in enviro ed. and such. Then another funny thing. She's into kayaking as am I. Then the kicker, she worked for outward bound in Ontario and as it turns out she know a friend of mine, "Lav". Sometimes I can't believe how small the world is.

Well we keep talking and get on the ferry which is a costsaver day and only costs $5. We chat on the way to Victoria, we have an interesting talk about the impact of family environment on growing up (as she was adopted and so was my sister) and the next thing we know Swartz Bay!

Well from here I planned on taking public transit again to meet up with "the crew" when I get an offer of a ride from her friend (she meets her at the ferry). I know you're never suppose to get in a car with strangers, but I'm like 35 and they're both women. What could go wrong? Well, after a short drive and a conversation about breast-feeding which was oddly not uncomfortable, we make it to Victoria.

Not bad for $7.50

*Next Part I of the trip.


9 days!!! You must feel great!

And even funnier is that conference she attended is the one that was happening on UBC campus I was working at to make some dough - I may have interacted with her too! Tiny little world. Can't wait to hear more about the kayaking!

sooo...waiting on the next trip instalment...