Saturday, June 21, 2008


Well, Dora was up for another race today, Ladiesfest, an all female 8k that goes up and down the coulee. She was planning on running it with her mom, but unfortunately, she became ill in the morning and was unable to race. Dora's sister-in-law was also running, so they ran it together instead. Her official time is not available yet, but it would be 47min + as we have a picture of her approaching the finish line at 47:01. Last year her time was 51:12 so an improvement from last year. Logan thinks mom is #1!

It was nice to be there in time to see her cross the finish as last year she was expecting 55min, and we missed seeing her cross the finish line. This year we got ready early and caught these shots!

Nice job Dora!


aawwwwweeesoooooooommmmme! w00t!

ok, seriously now, look at that form! Fantastic!