Thursday, July 10, 2008

Post 55 - dream machines

Well this is post 55, one better than last years 54 posts! Thought I would dream a little and post about my dream machines.

I'd love to get a cool 4x4 camper so here are my top 10 for Ultimate 4x4 Campers

10. Roadtrek
Pretty wimpy right? Well these things can be bought in 4x4 and hey... you gotta start somewhere.

They're probably the nicest on the inside but they're pretty much just your standard RV. I wouldn't complain if I had one, but if I had the money.... well move down the list.

9. Outfitter Manufacturer
These are just truck slide-ins, but they make pop-up models that are low profile with a lower center of gravity. I like the fact that they have built in toilets and showers. The real advantage is that I wouldn't need to store another vehicle. Nice, but not the best, that's why it low on my list.

8. Tiger Motorhomes
Now these are like truck campers, but permanent. They build these sucker on a truck frame! Pretty nice, a step up from the Roadtrek, which are van based and not that rugged.
This is much more suitable for the back roads and it's priced well at under $80,000. Take a look at the overview to see its capacity. The only problem is I don't know if it seat 3 or 4, so might not work for the family.

7. Toyota Hiace
Here is a nice import that's small and affordable (used for under 15,000)
Although a small 4x4, I found this quote that made me want one "Wheels magazine found in a van test that the diesel model could, in factory standard form, do donuts continuously with the speedometer reading nearly 100 km/h (62 mph) ." Super sweet, plus with the way they're importing these into BC, it's quite possible to pick one up. Have a look around and you may find one.

A friend of mine drives one of these so I had to include them (kidding, they are quite nice!). They make a nice 4x4 model and they do a good job at usable space.

I'm not sure about the prices for these things, but I have a slight preference for the next company on the list.

5. Sportsmobile
These are van conversion that make a great camper. You can get basic models, but I prefer the 4x4 ones and I could even afford one too!
They have a nice look to them and the website has used one for sale quite often. Take a look, but don't blame me if you wanna buy one!

4. Innovan
I tell you this thing has the coolest kitchen sink! Can you find it here?
The best feature about this model is that it comes off the truck if needed. That makes for an awesome package and is why it ranks as number 3! You can find a photo gallery of this baby here. Sadly, this thing is made in Australia, so I'd hate to see the cost to get it here. Hey, what side of the road do they drive on down there?

3. Earthroamer
This could be in my price range and has the coolest tent-on-roof system ever!
This model costs just over 100,000 bucks and would make a sweet camper! Look inside if you don't believe me, it's got a toilet and an inside shower! It would be best for a couple, so as it stands... I'm out.

2. Foley Specialist Vehicles
I saw one of these on our Yukon trip and fell in love. Who wouldn't want one of these? Actually if you don't... don't tell me.
Built in the UK, these things are bomber and they look sweet as well! Forget 4x4, this thing is 6x6! Pretty much the best thing out there... oh wait did you see number 1?

1. The Unicat
Probably the most heavy duty out of the bunch, this thing is pretty hard core. My favorite is the EX70-HD / MAN TGA 6x6 Model.
Check out the photo gallery here. Personally, the hidden quad compartment is way too cool and heck these things come with a dishwasher! I also love the espresso machine in it.

So now you've seen'em all. Which is your favorite?


You need to factor in the cost f filling it up before I make my pick.

I just saw a Boler with brown and orange racing stripes for sale by my office. I can inquire for you! (might be cheaper than these fancy machines!