Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Sweet deal to pass along

I've been buying my contacts from clearlycontacts for quite some time now and have been pretty happy with both the price and speed of delivery. Well recently they started selling glasses and they have a promo (not sure how long it will last) where glasses with lenses are $38 bucks! I figured they would suck, but I found a frame that I liked so I placed an order on the Friday and by Thursday the following week I had new glasses. To be honest, I'd pay $200 bucks for these suckers!

From 2009_03 Misc Pictures

From 2009_03 Misc Pictures

I'll need to go in and get them adjusted, but lenscrafter in the mall has done it for free for me in the past so I'll give them a try. In order to purchase online, you'll need your prescription from your Optometrist and your PUPILLARY DISTANCE. You can get this from where you get your glasses or use the video to figure it out.