Monday, November 28, 2011

Grass Fires

As I'm sure you've heard, Southern Alberta was ablaze this weekend with several grass fires all around Lethbridge.  The largest was burning to the South of Raymond.  While no one was in real danger, there were some worried folks around as information was slow to filter its way to people.   At times, roads were shut down and people were evacuated.

While not at risk, I did take a drive out to our property to make sure the wind hadn't damaged it and that it was save from the fires.  While the fires were several miles to the South-East, I did have a good view from my deck and took a few pictures.

It looked pretty intense and didn't get a real take on it until I came across this video on youtube.

It's amazing how fast the wind can move fire and it's kinda scary how fast Mother Nature can throw down the hurt.

This is a good one from the Herald.

I decided to drive up to the Ridge the next day to have a look myself at the damage and took these shots.

Nice to know people were safe and damage was kept to a minimal.