Sunday, December 31, 2006

Logan's Loot

Well Christmas has come and gone and Logan scored huge! Look at all this loot!! Man, I can't believe how many toys, clothes, money, etc. a 12 lbs baby can get!

Some of the neat highlights were the classic Tupperware red and blue circle that you put the yellow shapes in (still shiny!), a pair of carhartts, a cool crazy stuffed robot and some Vancouver Canucks shoes. With some of the Christmas money we plan to get one of those baby backpacks. Any suggestions?

As well, we had friends visit and a nice surprize was some friends from the Cranbrook area. They stopped in overnight and we had a great visit. They are new with baby as well, but they do have a head start on us. I thought I would post a few shots of them as well for any friends who have yet to see their cute little baby!

Merry Christmas everyone and have a happy New Year!