Monday, December 25, 2006

Twas the Night before Chaos

Well Christmas is here, let chaos run free like Santa's reindeers on lichen. No really, they love the stuff!
Although the submission date is already the 25th, these thoughts have accumulated over the last week. Logan's first Christmas plus the standard chaos package that comes with the season is coming to an end. I've got presents to buy, work to finish for the year, friends to visit, dinners to plan, elaborate meals to consume, beverages to drink and parties to attend. Yup... sweet action!
Actually it doesn't feel much different this year, bought most presents online this year, said screw it to work, hope friends will visit me or will try to catch up with them around New Years, we're having dinner at our house, I'll eat more than usual, drink more than usual and still attend parties, but with a much better excuse for leaving early. Life is slowly fading into a new functional reality. Not quite normal, not quite insane. I call it "happily screwed". It's pretty fun now. It's probably like driving drunk while being completely sober. You're completely aware that your about to crash. There's a funny sense of well-being in this.

Oh well, enough of that and on to Logan!

Logan is pretty excited about Christmas! He squawked this to me just the other day. He's also started to find his hand more interesting than me. He raises his fist in the air and stares at it for like 10min in a stretch. I guess I'd find it pretty cool to finally realize that I control that weird limb that seems to follow me around everywhere! Ahhh fine motor control where are you?

We took Logan to visit Santa and his trusty reindeer. It's questionable how "authentic" they were, but they were good sports and posed for a picture. ENJOY!