Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And her name is...

This past weekend we headed south to Glacier National Park. Surprizingly it's only 152km to the trail head. I comparison, the drive to Cameron lake is 144km. As a result I think we may spend a bit more time down south this year. It helps that I can scam the use of a cabin every now and then.We decided to hike St. Mary's/Virginia Falls which was a nice hike that took a couple of hours. Logan stayed awake for the whole hike up and even scouted some falls with me. We were trying to decide if I could run the drops in a kayak. We figured Chris should try first.
The top was quite spectacular with Virginia falls flowing with enough force to put a fine mist in the air. I sent Dora out for a picture but it took longer than expected to adjust to the lighting. As a result, she got wet, she got mad, I ran away...
We spent the night in Whitefish and did a little shopping at Target. Dora got a running top for her run in two weeks and Logan got a few shirts. Sadly I didn't get anything :(

After that we headed for the great white north! We didn't make it all the way home before we had to stop and feed Logan. It was alright because it gave us a chance to let Denali out for a run.
Logan was enjoying the view and poked his head out of the truck to watch me play with Denali. If you look closely at the picture below you can see half of Logan's 4 teeth!
Oh the the posting title? We finally named our truck. Say hello to Lucy.


Looks like a great trip! Beautiful country in there. Oh, and I really like Lucy. As in Lucy and Desi, right?

If we have another girl that is want we are naming her. Good choice!