Tuesday, June 05, 2007

When the family is away.....

Dora went for a visit in Kyle, Saskatchewan where her Dad's family is. As a result I was fortuitous to have some time to myself. A perfect opportunity to get some kayaking in! We headed out to the Sheep river for some exciting whitewater. I thought I would post a few pic's of Sheep falls.

Mike M was able to join me for the day. As always it was typical "Manepic" I figure we spent 30 minutes staring at a rapid for every 2 minutes it would take to run it. I guess that's why they say "there are bold kayakers and old kayakers, just not a lot of old, bold kayakers". We managed to escape without any real epic moments with just the usual scraps and bumps. Actually I think it was just me with the scraps and bumps.

In the end I guess it was just what we wanted. I moment in the sun when we felt like perhaps we were a little bold and not so old :)


Looks like you guys had fun.