Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Purchase Dilemma

My dilemma arises from some inheritance money I am to receive from my grandmother. It amounts to $500 dollars and I have decided to do something worthwhile with the money. If I don't then it will eventually be eaten up by bills, so I have decided to purchase a watch that can be passed down to Logan when he gets older. The classic idea of a family heirloom! The funny thing is I don't know what to get. I've come up with a few ideas, but I'd love some help so here are my top 5 in no particular order.

1. Gervil

Gevril, founded in 1758 in the historic location of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. All mechanical components of Gevril timepieces are inherently Swiss and vary with models. I've located two watches, one at about $1000 (top of my budget) and the other is around $500. Both models are limited productions of 500 and are nice looking watches.

There are a few different models, each with it's own 500 production that I could choose from. the GV2 is a second generation Gevril, so it is the lower cost model. I liked this watch due to the classic idea of a swiss made watch with a company that has roots.

2. MkII
This is a small watch company out of the US that has their watches built in Switzerland or custom builds them in the US out of swiss parts. I am leaning towards a custom built Vantage which would be around the $500 dollar mark. I liked the Vantage due to the metal bracelets, but could be convinced of another model as they all are nice looking watches. They are built with old military styles as their models.

I liked this watch for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the company is small with limited production runs. Even though it doesn't state that they are limited production, the website cites delays due to order demands. Secondly, with the array of options, you get a custom watch, that you can build to your liking at a reasonable price. The downside is that it lacks the "swiss made" on the front.

3. Plasmir Milgraph
This is an antique name built in Japan. It has too many features to list so click the link to check them out. This watch has quality to the build without the "Swiss Made" to back it. Quality parts and components. This watch would run around $1000, but if bought in Japan it only runs in the $750 range. I might be able to use family or friends to buy it at that price, but maybe not.

The downside of the watch is that the movements are Swiss designed, but not swiss made. Both of the other watches above use ETA Swiss movments, made in Switzerland. Also, the watch is a bit on the bulky side.

4. Omega
This watch has the name behind it. This brand has been to the moon and James Bond has been known to wear it. Although this is the only model I can afford, it starts at $1000US. Personally this watch only has the name as the redeeming feature as it is only Swiss quartz (battery/electronic) rather than an automatic or self winding like the watches above. Still, you can't buy an Omega for under a grand so the name does have value. To get an Omega with self winding, the price is about $1500, and Dora would kill me if I spent that much!

5. Invicta

Latin for invincible, Invicta Watch Group is a Swiss company founded in 1837 by Raphael Picard. The Picard family owned and operated the company until 1991, when the company was purchased by a United States-based investment company. This is a swiss made watch that has monetary value. It has diamonds on the bezel. Although I'm not one for bling, as a family heirloom, it can't hurt to have diamonds right? I liked this watch for it's style and value over the diamonds.

Well there you have it. my top 5 brands. Gevril and Invicta both have several models that I could choose from while the other brands are quite limited in their offerings. I really could use some help her so feel free to comment! As well I've been looking at a site that sells used watches, they are based in Canada, so it makes shipping easier. Also, if you know of any other brands, feel free to let me know they exist!