Saturday, March 29, 2008

March Madness 4 of 5

"The 3 R's: Remove, Re-Lay, Reuse"

Well here is another example of the "R's". Earlier this month I was asked to help with some light lifting for a friend's parents. It was actually an enjoyable experience, including a free drink and a bottle of wine. In addition, we also inherited a lovely bit of carpet that was on it's way to the dump. Our basement is currently unfinished so we thought that we could use it in our basement so that Dora and I could both have carpet under our feet, so over Easter we re-laid some old carpet that will hang out with us before it leaves for it's final journey to the dump.

On that note I am aware that you can recycle carpet as it's just a form of oil and apparently it provides a high energy return vs. using new material. In fact, recycling one ton of carpet saves 800 gallons of gasoline (according to National Geographic Jan '08). The problem is that I can't find any recyclers in Southern Alberta, so if anyone out there in cyberspace knows of anything, I'd be happy to hear.


We are going to be getting ride of ALL of our kids stuff, clothes toys, everything I can get out of the house. So if you guys are up for my massive garage sale you might want to take a look.