Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Halloween - not quite a month late!

Well I should have posted this way earlier, but I was stuck working my way through a case of spam and you know.... that takes awhile.  Funny side note... apparently Spam, Velveeta, honey and maple syrup have an infinite shelf life.  I think we should all stock up now!

Halloween this year was a bit of a roller coaster this year with costumes and kids.  I decided to buy a costume this year, as I was tired to lame costumes and felt that I should give the tinfoil a break.  Logan ended up in a home-made Woody costume from Toy Story (a Kijiji score by Dora) and Evan was stuck with a hand-me-down, the monkey costume.

After dressing up we headed to Raymond for Trunk-or-Treat, an event where everyone shows up at a parking lot and the kids go around to the different cars for treats.  Kinda lame, but kinda perfect too!  For Evan and Logan is would have been perfect... except Logans started to not feel well.  NO CANDY YET HONEST!!  As a result our candy haul was pretty light and Logan slept for most of it.  In addition, we did this on the Saturday, gotta love the LDS!  Sunday we tried again in Lethbridge, but again, Logan wasn't up for it.  I felt like a bride!  All dressed up and nowhere to go!  Dora was kind enough to take our pictures so I didn't have to feel like a bought a costume for nothing.  Enjoy!