Monday, November 29, 2010

Ugly October

October was a rather ugly month as far as school goes and was filled with some unexpected events.

We were suprized with two unexpected deaths on staff, the boyfriend of a new staff member this year and a staff member who I've worked with since coming to Stirling who was quickly diagnosed with cancer and passed away within weeks.  Needless to say, October sucked at school.  I was lucky enough to come home to a loving family who was supportive, which got me thinking of course about life, death and the parts in-between.

I've had some time and have come up with my top 5 things to do so live a happy life.  These aren't those what if dreams or once-in-a-lifetime hopes, rather daily or yearly goals that I will strive for.  I'll post my first 3 now since I need to get back to bed!

1. Good Health - Good Life-Good Husband
Is it just me or has being healthy fallen to the bottom of your list?  I know things like metabolism and youth have it's merits, but I seemed to spend a lot more time/weekends doing stuff.  Now I do cleaning and errands and fixing.  Here's my goal.  Do something.  I've been lifting weights after school fairly regularly this year and it seems to help both my mindset and happiness.  So simply put, I need to keep this a priority.

Also, regular blood work/check ups.  I use to go in every year after 30.  Are you?  My bro is a nurse and he told me they need this base-line data to monitor changes and to see it things are up.  I think over the last 2 years I only made it in for 1 check-up.  So this is also part of my good health priority.

2. Friends are better than Gold
I love my friends.  They are there after years of neglect, still shiny and ready to go.  It's like pulling the dust cover off a treasured car in your garage.  Your always suprized how well it works.  I had the opportunity this year to witness a good friend become a dad, to visit with friends on the coast three times this year and truly enjoy the benefits of a batcave/trailer.

I priced out a trip to Victoria today and it came to $384.  If I were to times that by 3 I come up with a grand, a number that really isn't excessive if I consider the rewards.  I think this is a feasible goal for myself.  So all you west coast LOMAH expatriates, hope you keep a spot in your hearts and house for me!

3.  Date Night - Man Night - Woman Night
Marriage is tough on a relationship.  I honestly think that it's more work than I or most people realize.  I'm not gonna rant about some vision quest that I had, but rather a simple idea that came from another friend who got it from another friend.  3 nights a month.  One for the man, one for the wife and one for the couple.  People need some time for themselves.  I think I could take my time more easily than Dora, but we need to make time for ourselves.  One evening a month we need to get out and stay out doing something for ourselves.  2 or 3 hours a month isn't much to ask for and in fact should be mandatory!

Also date night!  Dora and I have gotten real good that this child rearing thing over the last few years, but if you consider the fact that you still have the same 24hr in a day, things fall off the table when your getting things done.  Date night seems to be one of those.  I'm making it a priority!  One a month, no excuses, we need to get out.  And here is the other kicker.  Not just a movie!  I think the dinner/drinks part is more of a priority.  I want us to talk more, about things we don't know.  We've been together for I don't know how many years and there are a ton of things I still don't know. "What would be your dream trip if money was no obstacle?", "what was your most embarrassing moment?", "what do you like most about me?".  I think each date night we need to ask a question we don't know to each other.  Crazy or Brilliant?  Not sure which, but it's now a priority!

Well that's 3 of my top 5 and it's friggin' late so good nite!