Monday, March 26, 2007

Blessed Southern Alberta

Well this weekend Dora ran the Moonlight run! So Hard Core! To add to our weekend of enjoyable weather we went for a long walk through the new subdivision of "West Highland" and took in a few holes of disc golf. Not a bad weekend. I found this interesting house, quite different from the standard "cookie cutter" design that you typically see these days. What do you guys think? A future design for Clan I?

We took Logan out in his fancy stroller, I mean Chariot! The thing cost the same as a chariot. But I must say it was well worth the pretty penny we paid. Luckily, we were able to get it used from some people who know my brother and sister-in-law. Nothing better than a sweet deal.

Heck the kid got a chariot before me?! Wasn't that my idea to build one for Denali?

Oh well, mine will be way cooler... with spikes, high gloss paint, flashing LED's, a 12" Sub and fire breathing horses.... or slow old dogs... well one of the two!

As you can see, he was pretty happy. Took a long time to fall asleep, but he was happy the whole time. It is so much nicer pushing him around in this chariot as compared to his stroller. That thing is a tank and I am totally opposed to the use of military force on an infant. I don't care how loud he screams, no military force!! You know thinking about it I'm not sure but I think we walked for like 7 hours. I must have earned some serious brownie points for that one...

And finally, I must point out that the weather here as been pretty peachy. No rain, no snow, a little wind and warm days. I must gloat as I look at the Vancouver forcast.... But don't just listen to me, look for yourselves.

I don't see the difference, do you see the difference? Holy Crap! Whats it been? Like 45 days of rain or something? All I have to say is who's building the Ark and is there room for that Sasquatch they found in the Enchanted Forest in Tofino?


OH ho hO! So THAT's how it is? I'll have you know that Vancouver has been sunny and almost warm for the last two days and it will continue this whole week. Plus we've got blossoms. In fact, those first blossoms are so old that they are dropping and trees are budding out for round two. I don't see any blossoms in those shots of dry, dusty Lethbridge!

I really like the house!And the chariot- and the cute ked - maybe has some of his Grandma in him.

If you guys build that house I expect a lot more kids!!