Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An Extra-Ordinary Day

So just another day, kinda. Just another girls day. Except that great stuff and crazy stuff happened all day. Maybe it was just my mood, or the fact that I'd been couped up with 2 boys for too long. Started innocently enough, with a bit of a sleep in as my alarm clock (read: Evan) slept in. In fact he didn't wake until Logan woke him with his yells for me. So, grateful for the wake up call, I headed into the boys room to see what was wrong. Of course by this time, they were both yelling "Mommy!" though not in unison. In response to my question of "what?" Logan replied, "because I was lonely for you. I wanted someone to snuggle with." Perfect logic, perfect plan. So while Evan entertained himself with the aquarium crib toy, I got to snuggle. Nice.

But because I started my morning early, I didn't have time to eat with them, but that also means I didn't have to clean it up. Nice. So dressed and presentable, I loaded myself into my car and hit Tim Horton's where the van in front of me bought my breakfast. Sweet! I didn't recognize the van, so thanks to whoever you are. The coffee was delicious. I picked up mom and we headed off to Vulcan for a quick visit with Grandma June (doing well, thank you) and my cousin Debbie popped in while we were there. Nice treat. Then we continued on to the big city to get our hair done. One stop on the way for a Taco for lunch (thanks mom) and we were at the salon. Didn't even get lost. Amazing!

Now I don't know about you, but I have a hard time finding and keeping a hairdresser. We are SO lucky to have Rachelle in the family for more than this reason, but let me tell you that girl can cut hair - and colour it, but I just stick to cuts. She gives us the family rate and we catch up on various family gossip. It sucks to have to drive to Calgary for a haircut, but let me tell you, she is worth every minute. I do not spend time doing my hair - ever. She doesn't understand how I can not make time to use a blow drier, and I don't understand how she does. But somehow, she gives me a modern fun look, that takes very little effort to maintain. AND she walks me through step by step how she wants me to style it. All this and a scalp massage for the family rate, so great!
She was particularly proud of the profile that this hair cut gives me. "It makes you look like you have a great shaped head, hon." Makes me wonder how weird my head shape was looking before...

After cuts and a colour for mom, we headed back south with a few stops for shopping and supper with Eric. I found some black dress shoes to replace the ones that I bought during my first student teaching practicum about 15 years ago. We tried all the shoe stores in Chinook and wouldn't you know that the last store that we tried had the shoes I was looking for in a 6 and they were on sale. Fate.They are just like these ones but black. And SO comfy. I am looking forward to being on my feet all day in these. Though of course in my quest to find these Clarks, I fell in love with a few others. Namely these ones. I liked the Castoro colour the best, but then they didn't have the Brandy or Red colour in the store, or my size in any colour. Bummer, though did save me some cash.
Eric took us out to Joey Tomatoes and it was really good - except for the drink. A Caesar that was all Tabasco and vodka. As the ice melted it was better. But the burger and company were great. Thanks for dinner Eric.

The crappy/exciting part was learning that my car can drive from Granum to Coalhurst on fumes. We had to hurry back so that Marco, who was selflessly single parenting at home, could head out to Tron. Dad met me at the curb in front of the house with a jerry can of gas (thanks Dad) and mom hopped out while the tank got filled and I was off. I had been joking with mom that if Marco didn't make it to his movie I would have to try to reenact it with my new reflective running tights. He didn't think that it was as funny when I told him. Too bad that Liminal isn't here earlier, I'm sure we could've whipped up a short film "Tron in Lomah". But he's watching the real thing right now. It's probably pretty good too.


Oh you KNOW we would have, and it would have been AMAZING. Way to go girls' day! Congrats on the shoes, cuts, and good free food. Can't wait to see you guys!