Saturday, March 19, 2011

24th Annual Moonlight Run

Another March full moon was witness to a bunch of crazy runners heading off into the dark, snow-slicked coulees. It has been a beautiful week, full of sunshine (and wind). So nice to see the sun and feel warm in it. Today got cloudier and colder as night approached. As the 10kers lined up little flakes began to fall. As we lined up for the 6k, the flakes got bigger and more numerous. But it was relatively warm in the huddle.

The cannon sounded and we were off. Lots of little kids this time out - made me seriously think about bringing Logan next year. I think he could do it. And it would be fun to do with him. As always there were walkers in the pack near the front (grrrrr) but not many and I cleared most of them by McDonalds. Marco and the boys were standing in front of Wendys again, but I ran past them this year - missed 'em! Unbelievable. I heard Marco yell out to my mom behind me so I turned and saw Logan's green coat, but didn't run back - too crazy!

The hill down to the coulees was a bit slippery from all the snow, but I only saw one wipe out (not me) and he kinda rolled back onto his feet. It's a steep hill. The river bottom was aglow in all the orange tinged snowflakes - orange from the city lights. The transition from the road to the path was treacherous this year. I don't know if it was because I was closer to the front or if I was just being more aggressive, but I actually had to stop moving at one point to avoid trampling a young girl. I know, very responsible of me. There was a lot of "sorry" and "excuse me" as we weaved around each other and tried to avoid the walkers. But it is so beautiful down there, nice night for a run. My favorite part of this years run had to be the Taiko drums. They FILLED the river bottom with rhythm. It was magic and just the push I needed to get me up the hill.

The dreaded hill. I don't know if it has a name. It should. It should be something terrible like "salt on a paper cut", or "feeding Evan when he's sick". Love you Evan. I have run the entire thing once. And that time was not tonight. I actually made myself walk 2 lamppost lengths because I was worried I wouldn't have enough juice to make it. Eric caught up to me on the hill and tried to lean on me. Normally I'm all about supporting family, but that extra weight for about 5 seconds just about buckled my knees. We ran together for a bit and then he had to walk again for a bit and I found some reserves and shot towards the finish. Jaime and the girls were a very welcome sight (Kami - "Was that my Auntie?") and not much past them was Marco and my boys. SUCH a welcome sight. I don't know if you race, but having my family out there supporting me, smiling and waving...Knowing that they have been waiting almost an hour in the cold for a glimpse of their tired, wet mom/wife means the world to me. So here's to you support crew. You couldn't be cuter! Or more welcome.

Congrats to all my family that I raced with! So proud of your times and what you pushed through to get here tonight. Sore feet, crazy jobs, crazy kids/spouses (not you Marco), weather, all these things conspired against us - and we didn't let them defeat us. I finished in about 38:30ish (gun time. Pretty good for me. This was just the kick start I needed for my spring training. Good thing, I gotta a 12k coming up!