Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mulletless MacGyver

Well, I've MacGyvered again! I may not have as impressive a list as the original Angus MacGyver, but I'm doing alright.

The laundry basket was an easy contraption, not requiring my "Master of Modification" skills. This new project did however require more than a stick of chewing gum and a paper clip.

It works great! What is it? Well that's for you to guess. The winner will receive the first 4 episodes of MacGyver on DVD, mailed to them! All correct guesses will be entered into a draw on Tuesday.

*Disclaimer - this offer is not valid for immediate family or friends that have visited the house within the last week. Offer not valid in the United States or Kazikstan. DVD may or may not be an original, which may mean I'm a bad buccaneer. I will not be liable for what said winner does with the DVD or any modifications performed due to watching 4 episodes of MacGyver.


its a diaper-shoot! put them in there and they end up in the i right?? :)

She stole my answer! I was here first! And it's a diaper CHUTE!

No no, it is not a diaper-shoot, it is an industrial, roof-mounted, potato gun. But it does not shoot potatos, you guessed it, it gives new meaning to "pooper shooter". Knowing Mark, he has it powerful enough to make it shoot strait into Montanna. Good work on getting that stuff out of Lomah.


Just don't aim it into Edmonton. We have enough crap up here!

Air vent for diaper hamper?

- Claire (via Kelly & Karen)