Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Boston - Day 1

With a 4AM departure from Lethbridge, I of course slept in! Steve arrived on time and I flew into my clothed. Luckily he went and picked up Kev so I had time to get ready. The drive to Calgary was the norm as we solved all the worlds problems in our eyes. Now all we have to do is convince the spouses to buy property in Kalispell!
The airport went smoothly and we arrived in Ottawa for our connecting flight. Steve was sitting on his own as he booked differently, but the TV system on the new Air Canada planes is pretty good. I think I might have seen him watching Treehouse!
Ottawa airport was a bit confusing but we managed to avoid deportation and made it thru customs. We found the only lounge and sat down for a pint and nachos before the connecting flight. It was a wonderful flight South with some interesting landscape, with the exception being the descent. I've never spent so much time in the clouds wondering how fast and how high we were. We finally descended into a rainy Boston, where the ceiling must have only been a couple of hundred feet, so we didn't catch much of the town.
After landing we pondered how to get to our hotel and decided to try public transit. So it was working great until our last station was closed. We had to get off the subway and find our way to our hotel. Heck it was only drizzling. Well after walking for 5 I was soaked and we decided a cab would be a good idea. Funny thing was it was only a few blocks away. Success we made it to our hotel.
After checking in we headed down to Faneuil Hall Marketplace for supper. We ended up eating in this high end seafood restaurant, having striped bass with a corn lobster butter sauce. YUM! After that a pub crawl. Well if you call 2 pubs a crawl then yes. The second pub had 8 dollar pitchers and golden tee. So 2 pitchers later and 10 bucks in golden tee we called it a night. I think I'd call day one pretty awesome.
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