Thursday, August 05, 2010

Day 13 and 14

With our stay on Vancouver Island coming to an end we packed up from China Beach and headed to Victoria. Almost right away we were dealing with Logan feeling ill from the curvy roads. Dora pulled over when we got to Sooke so he could get some air. He started feeling better and I noticed we were parked right beside a patch of wild blackberries. Logan and I began picking a bunch. Now as a disclaimer, I thought the roads got better after Sooke and he was feeling better! As you can imagine, the roads didn't get much better and we greeted with Blackberry surprise! Turns out this would be the third time this trip I would have to clean up a car seat on this trip, not to mention Denali's accident! Man, I sure hope this is the last of that! We continued to Mike's with a stop at the pound to pick up Denali who seemed more happy to get back in the truck then to see me. At a cost of 60 bucks, it was the cheapest 3 days of kennel ever. Who knew? We got back and relaxed for another BBQ at Mike and Jenn's which as fun. Oddly enough Logan found a patch of blackberries and quite enjoyed them. What a way to finish his day!
The next day we packed up to leave for the mainland. I was heading out on Mike's boat later in the morning, so Dora and I headed downtown to do some shopping. We hit Robinsons and Capital Iron as well as Lululemon (Dora not me!). Then to Cattle Point to meet Mike. We headed out with George's family too and cruised around Oak Bay to see the local wildlife. This was much better than watching the hobos in downtown Vic (the other wildlife)! We found a secluded bay for lunch and then headed back. After a quick check on the crab trap, we were back to the dock with a nice 10 inch crab. Dora picked me up and we were off towards the ferry. I saw a provincial park, John Dean and thought it would be nice camping for the night. It would be if they allowed camping. Turns out it was day use only. No big deal, we pulled into Sidney and found a national park, McDonald Campground. It was cheap at 13.70 a night, but who packs that exact change? Funny enough we were able to pay in change. Tomorrow it's back to the mainland for us.
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There's a lululemon outlet in Burnaby...may want to let Dora know that!