Thursday, August 26, 2010

Boston - Day 3

We woke early to say goodbye to Steve as he departed for home around 5AM. After getting some more sleep we headed out to do a couple of tours.
First up was the Samual Adams Brewery. A quick subway ride put us at the brewery where we learned a lot about the consumption of beverage. Not wanting to miss the Fenway tour we headed to the park. We ate lunch across from Fenway and made the tour on time. It was an informative tour where we got to see the press box and sit on the green monster. It's too bad we didn't get to do the tour before the game. Regardless, it was time well spent.
We left Fenway and hit the parks Boston Common and Boston Public Garden. The nice thing about the parks is that they were next to Cheers, the outdoor set for the TV show. I sat at Norms spot and Kevin at Cliffs. Cheers everyone!
With the day running short we jumped on the ferry transit and headed across the river to Charlestown. We did a quick triple play of Bunker hill, the USS constitution and Warrens Tavern, making it back by 8PM. We were getting tired and hungry but had one stop, the site of the Boston Massacre. We were done! With are energy spent, refueling was needed so we found a nice outdoor restaurant by Quincys Market. I decided to have the 2 lobster meal since I was on the East coast. Not the prettiest meal to eat, but tasty.
We couldn't head home yet, since we needed to visit our local pub for the third night, O'Paddys. With the checklist done we headed for the hotel but got sidetracked. Then we got dragged into this MMA gym. Turns out they were having a special promo for a local fight coming up in September. It was definitely a different crowd. We ducked out early and hit the bed. Done.
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