Friday, April 29, 2011

Final Thoughts

I'm sitting in the Lobby of our hotel in San Jose typing out this post on my Blackberry because my computer died on me yesterday.
It's been a great trip with the students and they've been great. I'm a little overwhelmed at times of the extremes of this place.
For one, the beauty and diversity of the ecosystem. I've never seen so much in terms of the living organisms and the unique nature of each. I could have spent days in the jungle looking at the trees and plants, listening to our guides description. The problem was the populations usage of the road for garbage disposal. The last time I saw even close to this much garbage was in France on our Europe trip. I couldn't understand how they could litter so much, my only guess was their socioeconomic status.
This was the second part of the trip that was hard for me. I'm watching the kids fit the tourist description, dropping 15 bucks on pop and ice cream while today on the street I had to give a mother of two my spare change because the sight of her oldest child made me feel ill from the thought of his future prospects.
It's a mix of feelings as I get ready to leave this place and I wonder what the kids are taking back with them. I only hope it makes them more of a human, more of a global citizen.
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