Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May Long Weekend Pt. 1

For being such a pessimist this weekend, it sure turned out great.  Every day we expected rain, yet were met with sunshine!  It wasn't the warmest by any stretch, colder than my calculated average (see older posting), but a great weekend.  Here is a short video from my Monday.  I managed to get out biking and thought I would try filming it.  This is the minute, thirty it took me to get down.  A bit shorter than the 12min. it took me to climb back out!  I played around with my altimeter watch the day before and figured out how to do the data log feature.  I used it to calculate my ascent rate of 8m/min. over the 99m climb.  Now I can try and best it! 

Not for those who suffer from motion sickness!